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Quantum Leap System + QLS Live
2024 Event Bundle

In addition to the courses listed below, you'll also receive a special ticket for The Wicked Smart® QLS Live in Boston, MA on September 23-24, 2024. This event is a 2-Day Live Mastermind to help you launch or grow your RE business to 6 to 7 Figures per year without banks, your own money, or personal credit! Plus, when you arrive, you will receive a limited edition package loaded with exclusive event merch!
Just $597 with exclusive event PROMO or Split it into 2 payments of just $349
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Live Event Bundle

The Quantum Leap System has everything you’ll need to start buying and selling on terms (without banks and without your own money or credit), launch & scale a business that fits your goals, and strengthen your mindset so you can follow the proven path to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Don't Just Take It From Us!

Between our students and our own deals, we’re still completing 12-15 deals every month and control, as of now, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate. With all of the success stories that exist from members of our Wicked Smart Community, we think that instead of taking it from us, you should listen to real clients with real results.
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